Private Pilates Training

Private Pilates Training

Private Training is a great choice when you want specific, one-on-one attention to your movement. If you are dealing with injuries, illness or restrictions, or if you're an athlete looking to improve your movement patterning for better performance, a private training card will give you the focused attention you need to get the results you want.   

Once you've purchased your private training card at the button below, make sure to schedule your appointments online here. 

Private Training w Allison Birt & Moving Spirit Staff
Single 55-minute Private Appointment                                   $115
5 Session Private Training Card                                                $525         
10 Session Private Training Card.                                             $1030  
20 Session Private Training Card                                              $2025 

Private Training with Susannah Steers
Single Private Appointment w S. Steers (55 min)                $125
5 Session Private Training Card                                              $595
10 Session Private Training Card                                            $1150
20 Session Private Training Card                                            $2200

All prices are subject to GST.

Single Private Appointment / Assessment                              $115 - 125
If you're experiencing challenges with dysfunctional movement or pain, or if you're just not sure what Pilates can do for you, start with a single private session! We'll evaluate your specific needs before diving into a full Pilates program, and you can get a feel for whether our studio is a good fit for you.