Please note that due to new restrictions announced by Dr. Bonnie Henry on November 23, 2020, Moving Spirit is open for private appointments only, pending further guidance from BC Public Health

A Renewed Commitment to Your Health and Safety 

 In these unusual times, we are all having to live our lives with more intention and attention;  and that includes the choices we make around our fitness activities. At Moving Spirit, we are dedicated to providing you with the safest possible opportunities to continue your Pilates movement practice during the pandemic. 

The health and safety of our clients and our team are our first priorities. In accordance with the BC Provincial Health orders announced on November 7th, we've made some further changes to our safety plan. Please click on the button below to learn about our most current plan. 

Knowing Your Risks / Regular Screening

Before attending your first session in the studio, you will be required to complete a COVID-19 Risk Advisement Form. This is mandatory and must be completed before starting your first session with us. For subsequent classes/appointments, your instructor will ask you a few screening questions prior to admitting you to class.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our latest Covid-19 Safety Plan.

When we all work together to manage risks and take prudent steps to look after each other, we're all healthier for it!


Our personalized Pilates and Integrated Movement programs are for active people who are motivated to move better and feel better doing it. Learn how your body works best, and get the expert guidance and consistent practice to keep it moving that way! We’re here to help you reach your movement goals in a way that respects your structure and opens a path to new possibilities. Expect to challenge your assumptions, to explore new territory and create a whole new relationship with your body in motion.

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Check out our latest blog posts and videos. Explore fresh perspectives on ways to move well and feel good doing it. Informed by leading edge science, and more than 30 years of teaching and working with moving bodies, Moving Spirit’s approach will give you new food for thought, and the information you need to get moving with fluidity and ease.

“How You Move Matters” – Get Your FREE Video

HOW YOU MOVE MATTERS! Get your FREE video and discover Moving Spirit’s secrets to fluid, easy and pain-free movement. Learn 9 key connections that will help you move better, feel better and perform better every day. If you’re looking for an integrated approach to movement training that supports your life’s many varied activities – START HERE! As an added bonus, you’ll receive Moving Spirit’s bi-weekly e-zine with informative articles about how you can create, sustain and inspire YOUR best moving body.

Be sure to select “General Information” for every moving body, or “Movement Pros” for more technical information suitable for personal trainers, pilates & yoga instructors, strength & conditioning coaches, dance teachers, physiotherapists and other movement professionals.

  • Breathe Better
  • Posture with Purpose
  • Balance your Nervous System
  • Banish Aches & Pains
  • Survive and Thrive in your sport
  • Core Integration & Structural support
  • Sensory awareness
  • Brain Body Map
  • Finesse Your Fitness

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