Pilates Reformer Classes

You'll never be lost in a crowd!

Small group Pilates reformer classes at Moving Spirit are all about personalized training in a small group setting. Our classes feature one instructor to a maximum of four participants.  Each client works on their own personalized program*, while one of our teachers moves between participants - cueing movement, correcting form and introducing new progressions. It's an interactive process where we work together to create strength, stamina and mobility -  and a more positive experience living in your body. 

*Participants must first complete an Introductory Private Training Package, where we custom-build a Starter program based on your specific needs and goals. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro - we've got you! 

It All Starts Here!

A Pilates teacher guiding an athlete through an exercise on the Cadillac

Unlock your Potential with our Introductory Private Training Package

  • It all starts here! With our exclusive Introductory Private Training Package, embark on a transformative journey towards a stronger, more agile and resilient you. This package is a pre-requisite for our Small Group Reformer Class memberships. Here's what's included:
    1. Five 55-minute private Pilates appointments: Enjoy the undivided attention of our skilled instructors as they craft personalized sessions just for you. Experience the power of one-on-one guidance and witness your progress firsthand.
    2. A comprehensive assessment of your posture and movement patterns: Discover how your body moves and identify areas for improvement. Our thorough assessment will pave the way for targeted exercises that address your specific needs though whole body movement.
    3. Planning and management of special and/or post-rehab needs: Whether you're dealing with a specific athletic performance issue, recovering from an injury, or managing restrictions of some kind, our knowledgeable team will design a program that supports your unique requirements. We'll help you improve your movement, and safely gain strength and mobility. 
    4. A custom-designed Pilates Starter program: Your journey begins with a custom-designed program that caters to your fitness level and goals. We'll introduce you to the core principles of Pilates and equip you with a solid foundation for future success.
    5. A 15-Minute Success Planning call with your instructor: Take advantage of a personal consultation with your instructor. Discuss your aspirations, set realistic milestones, and receive valuable guidance on how to maximize your progress.
  • By completing our Introductory Private Training Package, you'll open the door to our Small Group Reformer Memberships. Join a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to mindful and consistent practice, and pave your own pathway to success.
Introductory Private Training Package 
More than 25% off our regular private training rates!
It's a Two Step Process 
  1. Buy an Introductory Private Training Package at the button below
  2. Book your five Introductory Private Appointments on our Private Appointment Calendar

What's Next?
Monthly Small Group Pilates Reformer Memberships

Getting great and lasting results takes a commitment to consistent practice. Choose from one of our small group reformer memberships to begin your journey to better movement, better health and to a more deeply connected relationship with your body.  Our expert Pilates teachers are movement educators, listeners, motivators, problem-solvers and dedicated coaches who collaborate regularly on how best to guide each individual's progress. You matter, and how you move matters. We're here to support and celebrate you every step of the way!

"Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently."

Small Group Pilates Reformer Basic Membership  -  $195.00/mo  
4 Pilates reformer classes/month

Small Group Pilates Reformer Strength-Builder Membership - $367.00/mo  
8 group Pilates reformer classes/month.

Small Group Reformer Premium Membership  -  $490.00/mo    
12 group Pilates reformer classes/month

* We recommend that all Small Group Pilates Reformer Members book a private at least once every few months to comprehensively up-level their programs to reflect improved movement skills and overall fitness. To support and facilitate that growth, members are eligible for a quarterly Program Review Private at a very special rate. Talk to your teachers for details!