Small Conversations for a 

Better World Podcast

The Small Conversations for a Better World podcast brings you interviews with experts, thought-leaders and influencers to explore the question, “what is health?” 

Co-hosts Gillian McCormick and Susannah Steers believe it’s often the quiet and seemingly insignificant conversations we take part in every day that can change the world. We all want to be healthy. Understanding the myriad factors involved in health, and what they mean for individuals, our families, our communities and the planet – can be a daunting task. The Small Conversations for a Better World podcast brings you local and global conversations to help you get the information you need to make important health-related decisions.

Join us for Season 4 of the podcast starting July 2021! We're bringing you a fabulous new season of interviews with amazing guests to talk to us about health, and the resources necessary to create it! Take a deep dive with us into issues that may affect health for you, your family and your community.  

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Susannah Steers
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