Group Class Schedule 

Core Essentials Pilates Mat Classes  We believe that how you move matters, and small instructor to client ratio leads to best results. Classes are limited to 5 participants. Make sure to register online! If you’re joining us for a free trial class – please let us know you’re coming! Register ahead online to avoid disappointment. 

Important note: Core Essentials Pilates Mat Classes are not a suitable starting point for you if you are currently dealing with significant pain, spinal/pelvic issues or head injury, early pregnancy or other issues that may impact your movement. Pilates and Integrated Movement are great training options for all of these situations, but a mat class is not the best place to get started. Call us to discuss other options for your needs! 

Pilates Apparatus classes are available to all clients who have completed an Introductory Private Training Package for orientation, assessment, and personalized program development. Once we have developed your program and given you a chance to learn how it works, you'll be free to register for the Pilates apparatus classes. Please call or email if you have questions! 

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