Who You Are 

You love life, you love to move, and you want to feel confident that your body can hold up to whatever activities you dive into. Movement makes you feel more grounded and at home in your body, and you know it helps you manage your stress. Fitness means more to you than a sculpted form – it’s a pathway to a full and energetic life. You’re tired of the trends, and you’re ready to embrace the kind of movement training that will help you move fully in life, with passion and purpose.

Moving Spirit’s Pilates and Integrated Movement Programs are about more than just strengthening individual muscles. Our specialized Pilates training will help you make dynamic connections between your body’s interrelated systems, and help you to achieve more fluidity, better control, stamina and strength in your whole system. We’ll guide you with personalized movement strategies to support your structure; creating ease, efficiency and better function overall. We’ll ensure that you’re moving well through each task, and will challenge you to ramp it up when you’re ready for more. With consistent & mindful practice, you’ll find you’re moving with more ease, energy and pleasure in everything you do. Why wait to feel that good?


MOVE BETTER & FEEL BETTER FAST! Here are some suggestions for the programs that may best suit your needs:

Small Group Pilates Reformer Classes: At Moving Spirit, we know that every body is different, and that generic group workouts can only take you so far. Our small group Pilates apparatus classes are the answer for getting personalized training in a small group setting! After completing an Introductory Training Package,  join classes with a 4 person maximum per instructor. In class, each participant works through their own personalized program, while a highly skilled Moving Spirit instructor provides the coaching, cueing and progressions each person needs most.These classes take advantage of the full spectrum of Pilates apparatus, offering a unique circuit class to keep things interesting!  

To get started, you must complete either a Quickstart Introductory Group Class Series or an Introductory Private Training Package, which will set you up with your own, personalize Starter Program. Then you're ready to pick the monthly Small Group Reformer membership of your choice!  Visit Pilates Reformer Classes for the latest info and series start dates. 

Core Essentials Pilates Mat Classes:  Our mat classes are designed to help you develop reliable access to your deep core musculature for well supported movement. Create new control, build stamina and strength and find new freedom in your movement! Our goal is for you to experience more than the burn of an intense exercise. You will connect to support that will keep you moving at your best. Using a combination of breathing techniques, core control strategies, and exercises to increase strength and stamina, you’ll create a functional connection to your core that you will use beyond the class setting, in your life – where it matters most.

If you have any questions about which program is the best fit for you, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.

How you move matters! Why wait to feel better? Book your session(s) today! 


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