Our Pilates and Integrated Movement programs provide you with private and small group training programs that are personalized to meet your specific needs and goals. Movement progressions are constructed with a view to helping you achieve optimal and sustainable results. It's about more than just muscles. We work with you to get the best results possible now, and for the long-term. 

Step 1: The Introductory Private Training Package

Everything starts with our Introductory Private Training Package. The Pilates programs we create are purpose-built, and begin with you: your body, your posture, your movement patterns, your goals and your mindset. To design the best possible program, we need to get to know you! Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this package is a pre-requisite for all our Small Group Pilates Reformer Memberships. 

Introductory Private Training Package                                     $395
(For New Clients only - This package is a pre-requisite for all our Small Group Pilates Reformer Memberships)

  1. Five 55-minute private Pilates appointments 
  2. A Digital Posture Screen assessment for reference & comparison 
  3. One 15-minute Success Planning Call with your primary instructor

Over the course of five sessions, we will do a comprehensive assessment of your posture, movement, needs and goals, and develop your personalized Pilates starter program. Consistency is key to great results, so you must complete all 5 sessions within 2 months of purchase. After 3 or 4 sessions, your primary instructor will schedule a success planning call with you to map out the best possible path toward your goals. 

Single Private Appointment / Assessment                              $110
If you're experiencing challenges with dysfunctional movement or pain, or if you're just not sure what Pilates can do for you, start with a single private session! We'll evaluate your specific needs before diving into a full Pilates program, and you can get a feel for whether our studio is a good fit for you. 

Step 2: Small Group Classes

Small Group Pilates Reformer Memberships
At Moving Spirit, we know that every body is different, and that generic group workouts can only take you so far. Our small group Pilates Reformer classes provide fully personalized training in a small group setting. Our reformer classes feature one instructor to only four participants! Each client works with their own personalized program. The instructor moves between participants - cueing movement, correcting form, coaching progressions and providing inspiration and imagery. Even in a group class, it's a very personal experience. 

We believe that getting great results takes a commitment to consistent practice - so we don't do drop-in reformer classes. Choose from one of the memberships below to begin your journey to better movement, and to a more deeply connected relationship with your body!

For best results, we suggest a minimum of two classes per week. We highly recommend a private session at least once every 3 months. Regular private appointments allow us to check in with your progress, upgrade your program, help you work through challenges and touch into new inspirations. The combination of group classes and privates ensures that we can serve as truly effective partners in your pursuit of better movement, fitness and health. 

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. 
It comes from what you do consistently.”

Small Group Pilates Reformer Basic Membership                                                                                                         $175.00/mo  (4 group Pilates reformer classes each month. Private appointments at 15% off)
Small Group Pilates Reformer Strength-Builder Membership                                                                                      $300.00/mo  
(8 group Pilates reformer classes each month. Private appointments at 20% off) 

Small Group Reformer Premium Membership                                                                                                                $420.00/mo    (12 group Pilates reformer classes each month. Private appointments at 25% off) 

Virtual Pilates Mat Classes
Our mat classes, currently provided exclusively online,  are designed to help you develop reliable access to your deep core musculature for well supported movement. Our goal is for you to experience more than the burn of an intense exercise. We'll help you connect with the support that will keep you moving at your best. Using a combination of breathing techniques, strategies to improve control of your deep system, and exercises to increase strength and stamina, you’ll create a functional connection to your core that you will use beyond the class setting, in your life – where it matters most.

Pilates mat classes are an integral part of the Pilates Method! If you are already attending reformer classes regularly, the mat classes will provide a different kind of strength and stamina that will improve the results you get on the reformer! Whatever your movement preferences in your day to day life - Pilates mat makes things better! We are dedicated to you, and to the results you seek. We keep our online classes small to be able to interact with you, cue your movement and coach corrections. You'll never find more than 10 people in  our virtual mat classes. 

Virtual Pilates Mat: Fundamentals & More 

Tuesdays, 10:15 am - 11:15 am
October 5th - November 23rd, 2021

8 Week Series: $200 + GST 
Teacher: Elsa van der Merwe 

Private Pilates Training

Private Training packages and memberships are a great choice when you want specific, one-on-one attention to your movement. If you're recovering from injury or illness, if you are dealing with significant pain or working through complex challenges, or if you're an athlete looking to improve your fundamental movement for better performance, a private training package will give you the focused attention you need to get the results you want.  

Basic Monthly Membership    (4 appointments)                    $370/mo 
Premium Monthly Membership (8 appointments)                 $695/mo 
5 Session Private Training Card                                                $495
10 Session Private Training Card.                                             $950

Please note - Susannah Steers is not currently accepting new, ongoing private training clients. You may book ongoing classes with Allison Birt. Please contact us for more info if ongoing private training is your goal. 

SCHEDULE your private Training Appointment(s) Here

If you have questions about which program is the best fit for you, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.

Does your sports team or dance ensemble need to improve core stability, mobility and movement efficiency?

Pilates and integrated movement training are great cross training tools for just about any activity: rugby, dance, running, rock climbing, mountain biking, hockey, figure skating and more! Call us to find out how a specialized Moving Spirit program can improve your athletes' overall athleticism, prevent injuries and take each one toward new personal bests.

With our virtual capabilities, you can bring Moving Spirit Pilates training directly to your group's facility - gym, studio, pool or field! Please contact us for more information.