Enter your text here...Our highly specialized Integrated Movement and Pilates programs are for active people who are motivated to move better and feel better doing it. Learn how your body works best, and get the expert guidance and consistent practice to keep it moving that way! We’re here to help you reach your movement goals in a way that respects your structure and opens a path to new possibilities. Expect to challenge your assumptions, to explore new territory and create a whole new relationship with your body in motion.


Our specialized Integrated Movement Training and Pilates programs provide you with the highest calibre, evidence-informed and clinically proven training available. Each private training program is carefully designed and personalized to meet your  physical and movement needs. Movement progressions and individual homework plans are constructed with a view to helping you achieve sustainable results. We don’t just train muscle. We work with your body, your brain and your nervous system to get the best results possible now, and long-term.
Which program is right for you?

Single Session/Assessment: An assessment is recommended for anyone just starting out at Moving Spirit. We will carefully assess your structure, your posture, your movement needs and your goals so that we can create a program that will get you moving well fast! The assessment session offers new clients a chance to ask questions and get a feel for how we work at Moving Spirit – because it’s unlike anything you’ve done before! Single sessions are also a great option for people who aren’t able to attend regularly, or who just want to pop in from time to time for a tune-up.

10 Session Private Training Package: This package is a quick start. We’ll determine what may be driving dysfunctional movement patterning, and give you a plan to begin moving better.  Over 10 sessions, you’ll have a chance to learn new strategies, improve mobility and begin to build stamina and strength.

20 Session Private Training Package: This package has all the benefits of the 10 session package, with the added benefit of more supervised practice and more advanced movement progressions. Training reliable new movement skills requires mindful and consistent practice. This package gives you what you need to release dysfunctional movement patterns, create more optimal patterning and develop the stamina and strength to sustain it all.  This package will set you well on your way to moving better and feeling better in your body.

40 Session Private Training Package: This package offers our very best value. Over 40 sessions, you’ll gain a clear perspective of what drives movement dysfunction in your body and what to do about it. You’ll learn ways to manage and eliminate pain in your body. You’ll discover new movement strategies and get the ongoing assessment, personalized coaching and practice to sustain those strategies in all of your life’s many varied activities. This package is a deep dive into creating your BEST moving body!

If you have questions about which program is the best fit for you, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.

How you move matters! Why wait to feel better? Register today! 

Single Session(s) / Assessment
Single Session(s) / Assessment
Single Session(s) / Assessment
Single Session(s) / Assessment