Our Pilates & Integrated Movement programs are for active people who are motivated to move better and feel better doing it. Learn how your body works best, and get the expert guidance and consistent practice to keep it moving that way! We’re here to help you reach your movement goals in a way that respects your structure and opens a path to new possibilities. Expect to challenge your assumptions, to explore new territory and create a whole new relationship with your body in motion.


Our Pilates and Integrated Movement programs provide you with the highest calibre, evidence-informed and clinically proven training available. Our private and small group training programs are carefully designed and personalized to meet your needs and goals. Movement progressions are constructed with a view to helping you achieve optimal and sustainable results. We don’t just train muscle. We work with your body, your brain and your nervous system to get the best results possible now, and long-term. Which program is right for you?

 Single Session/Assessment: An assessment is recommended for anyone just starting out at Moving Spirit. We will carefully assess your structure, your posture, your movement needs and your goals so that we can create a program that will get you moving well fast! The assessment session offers new clients a chance to ask questions and get a feel for how we work at Moving Spirit – because it’s unlike anything you’ve done before! Single sessions are also a great option for people who aren’t able to attend regularly, or who just want to pop in from time to time for a tune-up. 

Introductory Private Training Package: This package is a perfect starter package, and is a pre-requisite for Moving Spirit's Small Group Pilates Apparatus classes. The package includes four 55 minute private sessions. Your first session is about assessing your posture, your movement and your core function , and includes discussion about your needs and goals. Your next sessions are about developing & teaching you your personalized program, and giving you an orientation to the studio and to the equipment.  

Small Group Pilates Apparatus Classes: At Moving Spirit, we know that every body is different, and that generic group workouts can only take you so far. Our small group Pilates apparatus classes are the answer for getting personalized training in a small group setting! After completing an Introductory Training Package (see above),  join classes with a 4 person maximum. In class, each participant works through their own personalized program, while a highly skilled Moving Spirit instructor provides the coaching, cueing and progressions each person needs most.

These classes take advantage of the full spectrum of Pilates apparatus, offering a unique circuit class to keep things interesting! Commit to a class once, twice or three times a week each term, and you'll notice significant improvements in your control, stamina, strength and overall fitness. (Terms for Small Group Pilates Apparatus classes run: January - March; April - June; July - August; and mid-September to mid-December. If you're new to Moving Spirit, make sure to book your Introductory Private Training Package a minimum of 2 weeks ahead of the start of your term!)

Core Essentials Pilates Mat Classes:  Our mat classes are designed to help you develop reliable access to your deep core musculature for well supported movement. Create new control, build stamina and strength and find new freedom in your movement! Our goal is for you to experience more than the burn of an intense exercise. We want to you to connect with the support that will keep you moving at your best. Using a combination of breathing techniques, strategies to improve control of your deep system, and exercises to increase strength and stamina, you’ll create a functional connection to your core that you will use beyond the class setting, in your life – where it matters most.

Core Essentials Pilates Mat classes are available as singles, or try a 10, 15 or 20 class Mat Pass to get the best bang for your buck! Make sure to register online! Space is limited, and drop-ins will be admitted only as space allows. (Mat Passes are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.)

Private Training Packages (10/20/40):  Private Training Packages are a great choice when you want specific, one-on-one attention to your movement, if you've got complex movement challenges, or significant pain. We’ll examine what may be driving dysfunctional movement patterning, identify priorities for supporting more movement, develop a program and work by your side to help you meet your goals. Training reliable new movement skills requires mindful & consistent practice. Under the careful attention of an expert instructor, you'll learn strategies to manage and eliminate pain. With repetition and practice, you'll gain the stamina and strength to sustain your fabulous new movement patterns through all of your life's many varied activities. 

Duet Classes: Do you have a friend or partner with whom you LOVE  to workout? Try a Pilates duet! You and your favourite partner can workout together with an instructor leading the way. These classes are booked on demand; call us to schedule a duet class for you!

Does your sports team or dance ensemble need to improve core stability, mobility and movement efficiency? Pilates and integrated movement training are great cross training tools for just about any activity: rugby, dance, running, rock climbing, mountain biking, hockey, figure skating and more! Call us to find out how a specialized Moving Spirit program can improve your athletes' overall athleticism, prevent injuries and take each one toward new personal bests. Ask us about special programs/rates for your group. 

If you have questions about which program is the best fit for you, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.

How you move matters! Why wait to feel better? Book your session(s) today!