Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

Safe. Reasonable. Responsible.  


Studio Set-Up

  1. Pilates reformers and other Pilates apparatus are arranged around the studio to ensure physical distancing of a minimum of 2 metres (6 ft.). 
  2. Moving Spirit "Small Group Reformer classes" are individual in a small group setting. Each client is assigned to a separate Pilates reformer station; equipped with a mat, small barrel, box, and a personal accessories bin containing everything each client needs for class. A roving instructor moves around the room, ensuring safety, correcting form and progressing exercises as necessary.
  3. Each participant uses ONLY the Pilates reformer station to which they have been assigned. Use of the Cadillac and other Pilates apparatus is now reserved for private appointments ONLY. 
  4. Leather straps on Moving Spirit reformers have been retro-fitted with washable strap covers to ensure they can be effectively sanitized between each session. 
  5. All soft accessories such as yoga straps and plush balls have been removed from the studio for the duration of the pandemic. If you would like to include these items in your workout, we encourage you to do a little prep at home!

Client Flow

We are taking the following steps to ensure physical distancing and fluid movement flow into and out of the studio.

  1.  Please arrive promptly at class time. The studio door will be locked until 5 minutes before class time. No early entry is permitted. If you arrive ahead, please wait in your car or outside the building until class time. We must minimize any wait time in the common area. 
  2. Latecomers will not be admitted to class. There will be no exceptions for any reason. 
  3. Masks are mandatory for participation in any activity at Moving Spirit studio. If you are not able to wear a mask, please talk to us about virtual options. 
  4. Please come to class on your own, leaving family and friends at home. 
  5. Make sure to follow directions for hallway flows and elevator etiquette as you make your way to our studio on the second floor. DO NOT IMMEDIATELY ENTER THE STUDIO. Please knock and wait to be admitted. 
  6. You will receive our Covid19 Health Check Questionnaire in the appointment reminder email 24 hours ahead of your class/appointment. Please reply to the email with your responses to these questions. If you answer YES to any one of the questions, please cancel your appointment and seek medical advice. 
  7. At class time, your instructor will ask you, in person, if there have been any changes to your health status since you responded to our email. Provided there are no health concerns, you will then be admitted to the studio, one by one, and your instructor will direct you to your assigned reformer station. 
  8. Please remove your shoes and sanitize your hands immediately upon entry to the studio. Take your coat and personal belongings with you to your reformer station. Hang your coat on the hook nearby, and place shoes and other belongings in the plastic bin below the coat hook.. Please do not touch your things again until you are ready to leave. (Don't forget to silence your phone!)
  9. There are no change rooms available. Please come dressed and ready to workout. Bathrooms on the second floor are under renovation from March 29 - April 23rd. Use the bathroom on the first or third floor instead. 
  10. Inside the accessories bin at each reformer station, you will find a hand-sanitizer pump for your convenience. Please make sure to re-sanitize your hands after touching your face or mask, after blowing your nose or drinking from your water bottle etc. 
  11. Please remain at your reformer for the duration of class, unless directed otherwise by your instructor. 
  12. After class, please place any accessories you have used on your mat. Use the spray bottle at your reformer station to spray the reformer, mat, box, small barrel and all your accessories with sanitizing solution. No need to wipe anything down, just spray the cleaning solution over your equipment. (Your instructor will take care of the rest!)
  13. Staff will direct each client to begin to exit, one by one. Please make sure to sanitize your hands again before promptly exiting the space. 
  14. To leave the studio, please follow the hallway straight out from the studio door to the elevators. If you prefer to use the stairs, DO NOT use the "up" stairwell you used on arrival. Instead, follow the hallway all the way around to the "down" stairwell, located just past the bathrooms. (It will feel like taking the long way around.)
  15. All future classes and appointments should be booked online. Please make sure we have your credit card on file for future payments. 
  16. We will happily respond to questions about your reservations and accounts by phone or email. Please save those conversations for outside of class time. Much as we love to connect, please don't hang out and chat with staff or friends in the studio after class. 

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

If You Are Sick, Stay Home! 
If you have a fever, a new cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or have been exposed to someone with the COVID-19 virus in the last 14 days, please contact us to cancel your class/appointment, and contact your physician.

We will waive late cancellation fees in cases of illness. 

If you have travelled outside of BC for any reason, please delay your return to the studio

for a minimum of 14 days after your return. 

Frequent Handwashing is Key

All clients will be asked to sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the studio.

We have also placed hand sanitizer pumps at each reformer station for your convenience.

For the health of us all, please make sure to sanitize your hands again after touching your face or mask, blowing your nose, or taking a drink of water.

Instructors will be washing/sanitizing their hands frequently and according to protocols.  

If you sanitize your hands on the way into the building, please make sure to sanitize them again upon entering the studio. Property management has increased cleaning of the common areas like the elevator and stairwells, but let's make sure we don't bring anything unexpected into our space. 

Maintain Physical Distancing

We will maintain physical distance of 2m (6ft) at all times. 

Instructors will rely on verbal cueing and imagery, rather than hands on techniques, to support your movement exploration.

Each reformer class is comprised of a maximum of 4 people and 1 instructor. 

Our reformer classes involve individual workouts in a small group setting.

Classes are membership based, and by appointment only.

Drop-ins are not permitted.

Studio Staff

Our staff members work exclusively at Moving Spirit. 

The studio is cleaned comprehensively between staff shifts.
Our staff completes a temperature check and a health check questionnaire every morning.

In the event that any of our instructors experience symptoms, they are directed to stay home from work, seek testing and self-isolate for 14 days or until a negative test result is confirmed; following the latest guidelines from the province and Vancouver Coastal Health. 


Our Cleaning Protocols

We take the safety and cleanliness of our studio very seriously. As such, we have sourced a Health Canada approved, Canadian-made Ecologo disinfectant solution called "Nature's Own Pure Disinfectant" by Ostrem Ltd., to replace our traditional tea-tree oil and water solution.  We have adjusted our class schedule  to give the studio a comprehensive cleaning between each client/class. There is a 30 minute cleaning break after each group class, and a 15 minute break after each private appointment. 

Here's how we do it: 

Between each class/client

1.  All Pilates apparatus, accessories and equipment is wiped down with disinfectant solution. 

2. All hard surfaces including door handles, light switches, desks and countertops are wiped down with disinfectant solution. 

3. Pillows are covered with easily cleanable vinyl pillow cases, and are cleaned as they are used. 

At the end each shift

1. The computer, keyboard and mouse, telephone, tablet and other electronic devices as well as desktops and any touched items are wiped down between shifts. 

At the end of each day

1. The studio is cleaned again as above.

2. The floor is swept and then washed with Nature's Own Pure Disinfectant solution.

We hope that the measures we are taking help you feel comfortable in including Moving Spirit as part of your expanding bubble. We're thrilled to welcome you into the studio!