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As an athlete and/or movement professional, physical activity is more than something you do, it’s an integral part of who you are. You push your body hard, and – life being what it is – you don’t always have the opportunity for adequate rest and recovery. As a result, aches and pains are sometimes part of your daily routine. You’re no stranger to pushing through and getting the job done. Athletes are master compensators, and you may have developed some unhealthy or repetitive movement patterns that can increase your pain and risk of injury; and can contribute to inefficiencies that cost you time and energy.

You need new information and a different physical practice to balance out the extensive training you’ve already got under your belt. You need fresh strategies you can use to create more ease and better function in your body; so you can perform at your best. You’re used to working at a high level, and you want clear solutions you can implement now. Put your body first, so you’re not fighting with your technique, your equipment or your environment.

Moving Spirit’s Private Integrated Movement Training programs provide sophisticated, personal and highly specialized solutions. We will show you new ways to support your body well all the time, so it won’t let you down when you need it most. With consistent, mindful practice, we’ll help you create the best possible scenario for success in your body before, during and after all of your life’s many varied activities.


FEED YOUR INNER BEAST! Here are some suggestions about the programs that may best suite your needs: 

Cross training/Improving Performance: Our Small Group Pilates Reformer classes and Core Essentials Pilates Mat classes will challenge you to move your body in ways that support your important movement tasks, and provide the physical balance your body needs to perform well in your given discipline, and in the rest of your life. 

Survive Your Sport: When you train hard toward a big goal, and repeat similar movements often, your body tends to get strong in specific patterns and may lose capacity in areas you don't train as much. Over time, this leads to imbalances that can cost you time and energy, and increase your vulnerability to injury. Our Small Group Pilates Apparatus classes and Core Essentials Pilates Mat classes will ensure your body is moving well in every range.

Trouble-Shooting: If you struggle with a chronic or recurring injury, or if you're just not making the gains you want, given the training you're doing - there may be motor control or movement integration issues that need your attention. Moving Spirit's Private Training Packages include a detailed assessment, examine potential drivers of dysfunction, and provide you with new, more optimal movement strategies. With mindful and consistent practice, you will gain the control, stamina and strength to take your new skills into your chosen discipline and the rest of your world. You work hard. Make sure your training is really taking you where you want to go. 

Does your sports team or dance ensemble need to improve core stability, mobility and movement efficiency? Pilates and integrated movement training are great tools to support athletic development in any activity: rugby, dance, running, rock climbing, mountain biking, hockey, figure skating and more! Call us to find out how a specialized Moving Spirit program can improve your athletes' overall athleticism, prevent injuries and take each one toward new personal bests. Ask us about special programs/rates for your group. 

With our new ZOOM and online livestream capabilities, you can bring Moving Spirit Pilates and Integrated Movement Programs to your group and facility with ease! Call or email us for more details. 

How you move matters! Why wait to feel better? Book a session today! 



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